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Artworks Shown:

Left:“Surface Memories.” Acrylic on Canvas original. ©Zasloff 2008.

Top Right: “Vancouver Sailing Dreams.” Digitally Created Archival Print. ©Zasloff 2010.

Left Bottom: “Blue Leaf I” Original cyanotype. ©Zasloff 2015.

Right Bottom: “Red Cheeked Surprise” Acrylic On Canvas original. ©Zasloff 2007.

Please note: All works are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without express permission of the artist.




Curiosity being a hallmark of how many people go through life, I believe people are continually looking around at faces, objects, shapes, colors - the world. We experience and . . . perhaps we are touched, perhaps we are changed. When we look at artwork, we look through the lens of those life experiences and we decide what we like, what moves us, what reminds us of . . . .

In my world, painting is always about the language of visual communication as seen through the impact of color and abstracted, sometimes mysterious, shapes. Color is always my primary motivator.

Painting, for me, is about the translating of my perceptions, responses, thoughts, to the canvas, the paper, the computer monitor. At this point, I don’t preplan. I might lightly sketch, but then I just work. It’s a matter of putting in the time. Waiting for the Muse to visit and tap me on the shoulder is a wonderful possibility, but in the meantime, I work and paint and continuously try new ideas, continuously have internal conversations and ultimately trust my instincts and experience. I work intensely focused,  choosing the luscious colors that “whisper” to me from the corners of my eyes. And when the Muse visits, I enjoy and I savor.

So - - - I invite you to visit, stay a while and enjoy the whispers.


welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

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